January 2014 Winter Leadership Conference Materials

If you have any questions or problems downloading materials from our website, please contact our office at 630-861-1200 or training@pbisillinois.org. A majority of the presentations and handouts will be posted, but some may not be available until after the conference. Please feel free to come back to see what new session presentations have been added.

A Framework for Safe, Respectful, and Effective Schools

Welcome: Conference Announcements

Introduction and Overview

Plenary Session Day One: Sustaining School-wide Systems to Support Positive School Climate

Session 01: Administrators' Role in Developing Tier 2/Tier 3 Behavior Systems

Session 02: Evidence-Based Practices of Effective Classroom Management: Using Planned Ignoring in the Classroom

Session 03: Restorative Practices within a Multi-Tiered System of Supports

Session 04: Action Planning for Sustainability

Session 05: Universal Behavioral Screening

Handout 1 & 2: Universal Screening: Externalizers & Internalizers

Handout 3: Universal Behavior Screener Letter

Handout 4: Universal Screening Intervention Consent

Handout 5: Mt. Carmel Middle School Handbook

Handout 6: Behavior & Emotional Screener Instructions

Handout 7: BASC 2 BESS Instructions for Teachers

Session 06: Students as Leaders in Developing a Positive School Climate

Session 07: Components of School-wide Acknowledgement Systems

Session 08: Tier 2 Intervention Fidelity

Handout 1: Request for Assistance

Handout 2: Reverse Request for Assistance

Handout 3: ISSET - 10 Critical Features Checklist

Handout 4: Tier 2/Tier 3 Tracking Tool

Session 09: Coaching FBA/BIP

Session 10: Administrators Lead Changing Role of Clinicians

Session 11: Evidence-based Practices of Effective Classroom Mgmt - Using Behavioral Contracting in the Classroom

Session 12: District Based Coach Roles and Responsibilities

Session 13: Tier 2/Tier 3 in High Schools

Session 14: Positive Family Support: How to Make Better Connections for Middle School

Session 15: Creating Equity through Problem Solving and Action Planning

Session 16: Developing and Teaching School-wide Behavioral Expectations

Session 17: Applying FBA/BIP Through a Problem Solving Process

Session 18: The Wraparound Process as a Tier 3/Tertiary Intervention

Session 19: Building-level Coach Leadership: Facilitating Effective Team Meetings and Action Planning

Handout 1: Building-based Coach Functions

Handout 2: Building-based Coach Year-at-a-Glance

Handout 3: Tier 2/Tier 3 Internal Coach Roles and Responsibilities

Session 20: Students' Voice in Developing Positive School Climate in High Schools

Session 21: The Role of Family/Community Members on Building Level Teams

Session 22: Academic Seminar as a Tier 2 Intervention in High Schools

Session 23: Coaching Advanced Tiers

Session 24: Creating a Positive School Culture through Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports

Handout 1: How to fix a problem - Wiley Elementary

Handout 2: PBIS Continuum 2013 - Wiley Elementary

Session 25: Using the TIPS Process for Data Analysis, Action Planning, and Progress-Monitoring

Session 26: Modification of Multi-Tiered Systems of Behavior Supports with Special Populations Including Autism

Session 27: Social/Academic Instruction Groups as a Tier 2 Intervention

Plenary Session Day Two: School and Community Mental Health Partnerships Panel

Session 28: Administrators Leading the Blending/Teaming Process for RtI

Session 29: High School Tier 3/Tertiary Interventions: The Link Between Transition and Person-centered Planning

Session 30: Building School, Family, Community Partnerships - Part I

Session 31: Integrate Behavior Expectations Throughout the Curriculum with Literature

Handout 1: Book List

Handout 2: Book Reflection Template

Handout 3: Crete Monee D201U Book List

Handout 4: Helpful Websites

Handout 5: SAIG Curriculum Literature

Handout 6: Tiger Traits

Session 32: Blended RtI: Integrating Academics and Behavior

Session 33: Implementing Effective Bullying Prevention within the Multi-Tiered System of Supports Framework

1. Introduction and Overview (Final)

2. Exemplar Sandburg Elementary - SPS186

Session 34: Introduction to Tier 2/Tier 3 Systems, Data, and Practices

Session 35: Check-in Check-out as a Layered Intervention

Session 36: Person-centered Planning for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): The Focus Family Model

Session 37: Exploring Secondary Interventions in High Schools

Session 38: Benefits of School, Family, Community Partnerships

Handout 1: Blank Student Matrix

Handout 2: Character Education Book List

Handout 3: Good Citizen Criteria

Handout 4: Informational Trifold

Handout 5: Parent Letter

Handout 6: Parent Menu

Handout 7: Quarterly Newsletter

Handout 8: Sample Matrix

Handout 9: Team Roles

Session 39: Integrating Mental Health through Multi-Tiered Systems in Schools

Session 40: The Team Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS) Model

Session 41: Role of School-based Clinician in a Multi-Tiered System of Support

Session 42: The Principal's Role in Leading a Positive Behavior Support School

Session 43: Building Staff Commitment, Consistency, and Sustainability for School-wide Positive Behavior Support

Handout 1: Acknowledgement Activity

Session 44: Coaching Wraparound

Session 45: Building School, Family, Community Partnerships, Part II