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2011 Articles:

Prairieview Principal: Small District Offers Big Benefits, Woodridge Patch,, Vicki Zwart, June 8, 2011

Hoopeston Principal Hits the Roof, Commercial-News,, Carol Hicks, June 1, 2011

Seminar to Focus on Discipline for Youth, The Telegraph,, Linda N. Weller, June 1, 2011

Positive Place to Attend School, Program Sharply Curbs Discipline Problems at Manteno, The Daily Journal, Bill Byrns, May 19, 2011

Discipline Down, Success Up at Manteno, Program Reduces Behavior Problems, The Daily Journal, Bill Byrns, May 19, 2011

Shiloh Reports Success in First Year of PBIS, Paris Beacon News,, Sarah Schmidt, May 17, 2011

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Neal, R. (2011, April 21). MRJHS Reaping Rewards for Heaping Rewards onWell-Behaved Students. Retrieved April 30, 2011 from

Eagle Ridge School Held “Pennies for Pets” to benefitQCAWC. (2011, February 22). Quad-Cities Online Dispatch-Argus [internet]. Retrieved February 24, 2011 from

Craig, M. (2011, January 28). Positive Behavior Program Makes School Better,Woodland Students Say. Retrieved February 1, 2011 from

Forest Park School District 91 Newsletter. (2011, Winter). Retrieved January 5, 2011 from

2010 Articles:

Drews, K. (2012, November 10). Forest Park Tries to be MorePositive with Kids – Village Adapts School Program to Teach Children GoodBehavior. Forest Park Review [internet]. Retrieved November 12, 2010 from

Goldstein, L. (2010, October 18). Wayne Thomas Earns Special Recognition. Trib Local Highland Park/Highwood [internet]. Retrieved October 20, 2010 from

Schmidt, S. (2010, October 4). Schools earn recognition for positive behavior. Paris Beacon News [internet]. Retrieved October 5, 2010 from

O'Connor, R. (2010, September 9). D-80 views middle school improvements. Mt. Vernon Register-News [internet]. Retrieved September 29, 2010 from

Schmidt, S. (2010, September 7). Crestwood students start the year with positive behavior lessons. Paris Beacon News [internet]. Retrieved September 16, 2010 from

Matheson, H. (2010, August 25). District 145 programs to prevent problems. Journal-Standard [internet]. Retrieved August 31, 2010 from

Haas, K. (2010, June 2). Well-behaved Olson Park students get to celebrate. Rockford Register Star [internet]. Retrieved June 10, 2010 from

Rees, L. (2010, June 1). Treats for making a difference - Students rewarded with snow cones; school makes AYP for 1st time since '04. Galesburg Register-Mail, p. A1, A8.

Crook, J. (2010, May 21). District-wide behavioral problem decreases showcased in yearly PBIS report. Hoopeston Chronicle [internet]. Retrieved May 25, 2010 from

Mouzakitis, C. (2010, May 8). Good behavior pays off big - Lombard students bid for prizes with credits earned for being good. Galesburg Register-Mail, p. A1.

Alton Middle School gets prestigious honor. (2010, March 19). The Telegraph [internet]. Retrieved May 29, 2010 from

Neal, R. (2010, March 8). Hare works on education. Daily Review Atlas [internet]. Retreived March 10, 2010.

BPS implements PBIS. (2010, March/April). Neighbors of Batavia Magazine, p. 29.

Mouzakitis, C. (2010, February 9). District 205 Board addresses GHS restructuring. Galesburg Register-Mail [internet]. Retrieved February 18, 2010 from

Rawlings, D. ( 2010, January 15). Discipline referrals show dramatic improvement. Rantoul Press [internet]. Retrieved January 22, 2010 from

2009 Articles:

Crook, J. (2009, November 18). Positive behavior - Hoopeston Area teams with local businesses to promote positive behavior. Hoopeston Chronicle [internet]. Retrieved November 18, 2009 from

Heitz, D. (2009, November 18). Community Unit School District 201: Students reap rewards for good behavioral. Suburban Life Reporter/Progress, p. 8.

Carswell, J. (2009, September 28). Main Street students enjoy "A Rockin' Rams Dance Party. Shelby County News [internet]. Retrieved October 1, 2009 from

Culli, T. (2009, September 20). Behavior program yields positive results. Mt Vernon Register-News [internet]. Retrieved September 28, 2009 from

Haluska, I. (2009, September 17). New program positive at Washington. Pontiac Daily Leader [internet]. Retrieved September 18, 2009 from

Slupski, B. (2009, September 3). Schools aim to foster better behavior. Northwest Herald [internet]. Retrieved September 28, 2009 from

Eversole, V. (2009, August 28). Positive Behavior Emphasized in Shelbyville Schools. Shelbyville Daily Union [internet]. Retrieved September 17, 2009 from

Rawlings, D. (2009, May 27). Less time with principal - Students spending more time in class under program. Rantoul Press [internet]. Retrieved September 28, 2009 from

Sherman, P. (2009, April 20). Intervention program 'checks on' students. State Journal Register [internet]. Retrieved April 20, 2009 from

Adams, J. (2009, February 19). Middle school: Kids responding to new tact. Forest Park Review [internet]. Retrieved February 19, 2009 from

2008 Articles:

Rawlings, D. ( 2008, December 23). Intervention program shifts focus at RCS. Rantoul Press [internet]. Retrieved January 27, 2009 from

Decker, C. (2008, December 2). Westmer PBIS recognized by board. Aledo Times Record [internet]. Retrieved December 9, 2008 from

Culli, T. (2008, November 18). D80 plan addresses academic needs. Mt. Vernon Register-News [internet]. Retrieved December 9, 2008 from

Culli, T. (2008, November 17). D80 plan focuses on raising test scores. Mt. Vernon Register-News [internet]. Retrieved December 9, 2008 from

Culli, T. (2008, November 14). D80 seeking test score improvement. Mt. Vernon Register-News [internet]. Retreived December 9, 2008 from

Hall, J. (2008, August 22). Rewarding positive behavior. Mt. Vernon Register-News [internet]. Retrieved August 25, 2008 from

Gavin, L. (2008, April 16). School District 65 to Focus On Differentiated Instruction to Meet Students' Needs. Evanston RoundTable [Internet]. Retrieved April 10, 2008 from

Rollings Saul, Nancy. (2008, April 7). Good kids, proper behavior earns rewards at C-EL. Lincoln Courier [internet]. Retrieved April 7, 2008 from

Lester, K. (2008, March 14). U-46 schools to begin random searches, support program. Daily Herald [internet]. Retrieved March 14, 2008 from

Cuba Elementary wins Illinois spotlight Award. (2008, March 4). Canton Daily Ledger [internet]. Retreived March 6, 2008 from

Cuba school superintendent contract is extended. (2008, January 28). Canton Daily Ledger [internet]. Retreived January 29, 2008 from

Litas, L. (2008, January 22). School program teaches, promotes good behavior in class. Daily Herald [internet]. Retrieved January 22,, 2008 from

2007 Articles:

Culli, T. (2007, December 15). Disicpline problems declining at Casey Middle School. Mt. Vernon Register-News [internet]. Retrieved December 18, 2007 from

Flood, A. (2007, December 15). Schools to take on bullies. Kane County Chronicle [internet]. Retreived December 18, 2007 from

Penicook, A. (2007, October 17). Hoopeston area adopts behavior program [Letter to the Editor]. Just the Facts [internet]. Retrieved October 17, 2007, from

Heckel, J. (2007, October 15). Champaign schools working to raise scores. The News-Gazette [internet]. Available from

Coulter, P. (2007, October 4). Program provides incentives for good student behavior. Pantagraph [internet]. Available from

Witt, H. (2007, September 25). School discipline tougher on African Americans. Chicago Tribune, p. 1.

Soseman wins PBIS reward. (2007, September 19). Aledo Times Record [internet]. Available from

Stratford students enjoy the outdoors. (2007, September 12). Examiner, p.15.

Calandriello, E. (2007, June 10). Giving school discipline a time out. Elgin Courier, p. 1.

Schneider, A. (2007, May 7). Foreman gets grant for character education. Jefferson Park Times [internet]. Available from

Illinois State Board of Education. (2007, May 14). Illinois receives nearly $500,000 grant for character education. Pilot program at 8 high schools to teach skills for success in life. Illinois State Board of Education Press Release [internet]. Available from

Harris, R. (2007, April 20). Positive interventions help kids develop good behavior. The Leader, p. A6.

Dooley, S. (2007, April 16). Rock Island academy takes a proactive approach to curtail kids' problems. Quad-City Times. Available from

Smith, A. (2007, April 2). District 300 briefs: State senator to visit local school. Daily Herald, p. 5-3.

Our View: Mattoon 'School to Watch' award a proud honor [Editorial]. (2007, March 16). Journal Gazette/Times Courier Online [internet]. Available from

West, N. (2007, March 13). MMS named Illinois Horizon School. Journal Gazette/Times Courier Online [internet]. Available from

Young, A. (2007, February 26). Setting an example - Black men inspire, read for Mark Twain students. Daily Journal, p. B2.

Peterson, V. (2007, February 22). Hare visits. Daily Review Atlas [internet]. Available from

Maul, P. (2007, February 19). Hoopeston schools considers expanding behavioral system. News-Gazette [internet]. Available from

Berkowitz, K. (2007, February 15). Ticket or no Ticket? Mock game show part of effort to promote positive behavior. Evanston Review [internet] . Available from

Five more great classroom ideas [Editorial]. (2007, February 7). Chicago Tribune. Available from

Gaunt, J . (2007, January 28). Smoother sailing at Lakewood - Carpentersville intermediate school students' test scores, behavior improves under new principal. Reflejos Educational Journal, p. 13.

Gaunt, J. (2007, January 21). Smoother sailing at Lakewood - Carpentersville intermediate school students' test scores, behavior improves under new principal. The Daily Herald, p. Neighbor-1. Available from

Data + Teamwork = Success at Springfield High. (2007, Winter). Advocate Newsletter, 3(2), p. 13.

2006 Articles:

Davidsaver, M. (2006, November 15). All Positive: Galva schools find success rewarding behavior. Galva News, pp. 1, 3.

Bonn, D. (2006, September 27). Reading, 'Riting, 'Rithmetic and Respect: Gurrie Middle School using new approach to teach students appropriate behavior. Suburban Life, pp. 13-14.

Kish, M. (2006, April 26). Behavior program sees definite, positive results. St. Charles Examiner, p. 6.

Strand, D. (2006, April 19). Speak softly, and carry a bag of carrots. The MidWeek News.

Illinois officials embrace positive support education initiative. (2006, June 19). Mental Health Weekly, 16(24), 5-6.

Banchero, S. (2006, February 12). Doing the home work -- A bold federal program helps school raise grades by improving kids' family lives. Chicago Tribune, p. 10. Available from

Ferrarin, E. (2006, February 9). Students, Teachers Reap Rewards -- Positive behavior system in U-46 draws enthusiastic reviews. The Daily Herald [internet]. Available from

Ferrarin, E. (2006, January 22). Reaping rewards -- Positive behavior system in U-46 draws rave reviews. Reflejos Educational Journal, pp. 4-5.

2005 Articles:

Jellick, C. (2005, December 21). Great expectations -- Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports program makes proper student conduct a schoolwide virtue. Peoria Journal Star, p. B1. Available from:

Nave, R.L. (2005, October 20). Tardy Control: Springfield High's Tod Davis keeps careful watch on latecomers in a new effort to keep students on time and in school. The Illinois Times [internet]. Available from: