Registration Lists

How to Download Webinar Registration Lists from Adobe Connect

Meeting hosts can download registration lists from Adobe Connect. Instructions to download an event registration list are below. Click here for numbered screen shots to use as a reference.

Note: If you are not a listed as a host in the set up of an event you will receive a message stating you do not have access to the event when you click on the event name (Step 4 below).

Log in to the admin panel at with your username and password.

    1. Click on the Event Management Tab.

    2. Click on user events.

    3. Click on the folder in my name. (We have one event license so everything is under my name)

    4. Click on the title of the Event. Note event names are different than room names and duplicates are not allowed.

    5. Click on the reports tab.

    6. Scroll down and click the Download Report Data button.

Google Form Registration Form & Response File Links

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