SWIS 5.0 Update Overview

Prerequisite: Tier 1/Universal Implementation and a SWIS Facilitator. Review the following Overview of SWIS at www.swis.org.

Requirement: Elective

Who Should Participate: Building Administrators, External and Internal Coaches

Duration: 1-hour webinar

Credit: None

Training Materials: N/A

Description: This session will explain and review all the new changes in the recently released SWIS 5.0 as well as CICO-SWIS. It will cover the new dashboard, drill down and reporting features.

The School-Wide Information System (SWIS) is a web-based software system for collecting and summarizing office discipline referrals in schools. SWIS was developed by University of Oregon faculty in collaboration with elementary, middle (junior high) and high school personnel. The purpose of SWIS is to provide schools with accurate, efficient, practical information for decision-making about school-wide discipline. SWIS was developed to be an efficient, reliable and confidential strategy for managing office-discipline referral information. SWIS can be used for:

a. Internal decision-making as schools improve their discipline practices

b. Support plan design with individual students and their families

c. Reporting to district, state and federal agencies about school outcomes

d. As a method of collecting aggregated data across schools

SWIS 5.0 UpdateTraining Dates and Locations: TBD


Prerequisite: Completed the SWIS and/or SWIS-CICO readiness steps and license agreement with your technical assistance coordinator.

Description: The School-Wide Information System (SWIS) is a web-based decision system designed to help school/facility personnel improve the behavior support in schools and other educational facilities by providing school personnel with accurate, timely, and practical information for making decisions that lead to better outcomes for students, staff, and families.

SWIS provides schools/facilities with a practical process for helping teams make decisions about the design and management of school-wide behavior support systems, targeted interventions, and/or individual behavior support systems. It allows users to collect ongoing information about discipline events. The resulting behavior data can be instantly accessed in tables, reports, and graphs allowing for teams to easily monitor and analyze behavior trends at the school-wide, small group, and individual levels.

Who Should Attend:

  • This training is intended for schools that have already set up new SWIS or SWIS-CICO accounts. If you have not set up a new account and are interested in doing so, please contact your technical assistance coordinator.

  • Each school should send a minimum of two people - the person responsible for entering the data and another that will be responsible for pulling the reports.

Participants should bring:

  • Laptop

  • 3-5 office discipline referrals

  • School calendar

  • Enrollment information

  • Student ethnicity report

  • Daily Progress Report (DPR) Card - for SWIS-CICO only

  • SWIS User Manual (do not need to print, can use electronic copy)

  • SWIS-CICO User Manual (do not need to print, can use electronic copy)

SWIS & SWIS-CICO Training Dates and Locations: TBD

SWIS and ISIS-SWIS Facilitator Trainings

SWIS Facilitator Training Description: To become a certified SWIS facilitator, you will need to attend a 2½-day training delivered by certified SWIS Facilitator Trainers. As a certified SWIS facilitator, you will be trained:

    • How to use SWIS

    • How to train schools to use SWIS

    • How to respond to the most frequently occurring questions

    • How to help teams use SWIS information for decision making

    • How to sustain SWIS use within each school you support

Successful facilitators have formal time allocated in their workload to:

    • Perform facilitator duties

    • Implement the application(s) with 2 or more schools

    • Meet with implementing schools at least 5 times in a year to assess readiness, train staff, and meet with teams to build fluency in using data for decision-making

ISIS Facilitator Training Description: ISIS-SWIS is a certification available to certified SWIS Facilitators who are interested in implementing ISIS-SWIS within their schools. To sign up a school with ISIS-SWIS, you must be a certified SWIS facilitator and attend a 1-day training delivered by a certified ISIS-SWIS Facilitator Trainer as well as complete pre- and post-training competency activities. The ISIS-SWIS facilitator training consists of eight parts:

    • Orientation to ISIS-SWIS

    • Creating student files and adding team members

    • Managing student file documents

    • Managing measures

    • Data entry and report generation

    • Readiness and licensing

    • How to facilitate ISIS-SWIS

    • How to train schools to use ISIS-SWIS

Participants should bring:

  • Laptop