TOT703 Training Description and Course Materials

TOT703: Critical Features & Evidence Based Practices of Effective Classroom Management; Strategies to Respond to Challenging Behavior

Agenda and Materials: Materials are provided to registered participants prior to the training.

Prerequisite: EX300; Identified by District/Coop/ROE as professional development leader/trainer and coach of classroom management practices.

Requirement: Elective

Duration: 1 day (7 hours)

Credit: CPDU, CEU

Description: The purpose of this course is to prepare External Coaches, Administrators and Teacher Leaders to train the evidence based practices for responding to challenging behavior and to provide coaching for 1) implementation fidelity, 2) problem solving application, and 3) evaluation of student outcomes related to these practices.

Objectives include:

    • Overview of critical feature & evidence-based practices for responding to innapropriate behavior.

    • Guided practice with implementation of strategies (evidence-based practices).

    • Demonstration and discussion of how to provide coaching for

      1. implementation fidelity

      2. problem solving application

      3. evaluation of student outcomes related to these practices

Who Should Participate: District-based (External) Coaches, Administrators, Teacher Leaders identified by Dist/Coop/ROE as trainers/coaches of classroom management practices.

Participants Should Bring: Participants should have completed the Self-Assessment of Classroom Management Practices and Coaches Summary for Professional Development Planning for one or more buildings representing their District/Coop/ROE.