5/14/12 Central/South Advance Cohorts Conf Call Minutes

Post date: May 17, 2012 2:24:26 PM

HS Advanced Tiers Call May 14, 2012

PBIS Staff on call: Sarah, Corey, Katie

School Members on call: Connie (Hoopeston)

Hoopeston: Plans for summer and roll out next Fall. The Dean is taking over as the administrator for PBIS and the team is very excited for this involvement. He is planning to participate in the county summit on PBIS and the SLC. Is Dean planning to support at both Universal and Secondary? The way Connie sees this is the Dean is going strongly support Universal efforts and also support secondary. There will be some planning at the County Summit as it is a work day. Not sure exactly what the plans are for the opening day next school year, but the Dean has begun thinking about it. What are plans for implementation of Secondary? Currently doing some things, but would not say we are very far. Due to restructuring this school year, some of PBIS have fallen back some. Now those are in place, we will be ready to move forward. Currently just do some CICO. Decision rules are written, but not sure how consistently the rules are followed by either team or teachers. Not sure how often the secondary team is currently meeting, but she would guess that the consistency of these team meetings seem to have fallen off. What support could be given from the network to build secondary systems? The TA days or network meetings are hard to get out of the building when meetings are only half day. An idea might be to have conference calls such as this, but where the whole team is expected to be on them and they are longer. For example, having the calls at 3:15 seems to be too close to “closing time.” However, not sure how well this would work either.