Systematic Improvements to Tier 2 Increase Access and Outcomes

Post date: Mar 07, 2013 8:19:13 PM

Oakdale Elementary in McLean County USD 5 has improved implementation integrity and student outcomes for CICO through a focus on systems for orientation and identification. Training was provided for all staff related to CICO features, including positive corrective feedback. Student and parent orientations were systematized. Homeroom teachers and CICO facilitators contacted students and parents directly to explain CICO, and mailed home brochures for further reinforcement.

Improvements in systems to identify additional students for CICO included installing universal screening for behavior and using progress monitoring data. Training more CICO facilitators helped meet capacity for the increased number of students on CICO.

As a result of these systematic improvements, students participating in CICO increased to 8% of total enrollment by November. First quarter data showed a 28% decrease in minor behavioral referrals for 12 youth that continued CICO from last year. ODRs also decreased by 50% school-wide. Staff attribute reductions to increased access and greater fidelity of CICO implementation.