Scaling Up Tier 2 Interventions Benefits More Students

Post date: Mar 07, 2013 8:20:49 PM

North Elementary School of SD 45 DuPage County has a robust Check-in Check-out (CICO) process supporting high levels of student success. As of November 2012, there were 28 students enrolled in CICO for 2012-13, 8% of the total enrollment, and their average daily points was 88%. The development of their CICO program has enabled North to sustain a 97%+ rate of students in the 0-1 office discipline referral range. Students who maintain their CICO goal (70%) for nine out of 10 days are transitioned to an 85% point goal. All students who meet their daily goals receive a “Star Card” and are entered into a raffle. In addition to maintaining high CICO fidelity, North layers CICO on top of other interventions for students who demonstrate need. The school attributes their success to implementing the CICO process with fidelity and engaging all staff in the process to provide consistency for the students in CICO.