Reduced Suspensions for Students with Disabilities in Middle Schools

Post date: Mar 25, 2014 8:45:7 PM

Although it is typical for students with disabilities to experience a disproportionately higher rate of out of school suspensions (OSSs), schools are making substantial progress in reducing this inequity. For example, a three-year study of 46 Illinois middle schools implementing PBIS indicated a 72 % decrease in OSSs for students without disabilities . On par with the reduction for non-disabled peers, the rate of OSSs per 100 students per day for students with disabilities decreased by 68%. This cohort of middle schools has steadily reduced the risk of suspensions for students with disabilities from a risk ratio of 1.19 in 2010-11 to a risk ratio of 1.16 in 2012-13. These schools are creating a school climate in which all students, including those with disabilities, have a decreased risk for suspensions. For more on this study, please access: