High School Students Succeed with RENEW

Post date: Oct 24, 2012 9:40:58 PM

During the 2010-11 school year, social workers at Alton High School in Alton CUSD 11 were trained in RENEW. As part of the planning and implementation process, the team created decision-rules to identify students eligible for RENEW plans more quickly. They developed a procedure for monitoring student outcomes and prioritizing support for students most at risk of restrictive placement. Since that time, ten students, eight with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), have begun RENEW plans. Of the eight students, three had baseline and three month data available for analysis. Preliminary results show that these students have lowered their total office discipline referrals (ODRs) by 28% from an average of 6 per student to 4.3 in the three month period, and also increased their GPA by 15% over the same period of time.

Student ODRs and GPA During RENEW (N=3 Students)