A Community Embraces PBIS

Post date: Feb 03, 2011 4:54:13 PM

Safety and Positive Social Culture Extend Beyond School

Forest Park School District 91, the Forest Park Police Department, Park District, Community Center, and Library are collaborating to implement PBIS across the community. A Community-wide PBIS Leadership Team was put in place with members from each of the participating organizations. The mission of the team is to increase the safety and quality of life within the community by implementing and sustaining PBIS systems, data, and practices throughout Forest Park.

The community team has monthly meetings to review progress towards goals and next steps. Each of the community partners has designated an internal coach to lead their on-site PBIS implementation. Coaches meet monthly to coordinate their efforts. The four community organizations and two schools were trained together in Tier 1 PBIS in June of 2010. All sites are developing systems for continuous teaching and reinforcement of behavioral expectations. Examples highlighting activities and outcomes for the Library, Park District, and a school are summarized here.

Further details about Forest Park's community efforts through 2012 can be found here.