IL PBIS Network Support for LEAs, 2012-13 Update - Sept 7, 2012

Post date: Jan 17, 2013 9:43:13 PM

Dear District, Special Education Cooperative, and ROE leaders,

Greetings from the Illinois PBIS Network! The purpose of this communication is to thank you for your ongoing partnership, and to describe how you can continue to access training and technical assistance resources to support your implementation of multi-tiered behavioral supports. One way we facilitate this access is to assign a PBIS Technical Assistance coordinator (TAC) liaison to all districts. In the next week, your assigned TAC for the 2012-13 school year will be in contact with your coaches and district leaders in a follow up to this communication. We have also created a webpage that lists TAC assignments for your reference at

The TAC liaison’s role is to facilitate your knowledge of and access to ongoing training and technical assistance opportunities. TACs provide this support through regional coaches’network meetings, forums, trainings, and connecting you with online resources for information about all three tiers. TACs can also answer your questions by phone and email regarding district leadership team facilitation and development of your training and evaluation plans. District coaches receive additional support through a monthly electronic Front Page Newsletter highlighting specific state and national website resources, upcoming meetings and trainings, and the latest innovations in multi-tiered behavioral supports.

In addition to these primary supports provided to all districts, the Network is also continuing to collaborate more intensively with a smaller number of districts on various innovations including implementing advanced tiers, advanced tiers at the high school level, bullying prevention, and reducing disproportionate outcomes for students based on ethnicity or disability. The lessons from these innovations are then integrated into curriculum and tools, and shared with all districts through meetings, trainings, technical assistance activities, and the monthly electronic newsletter. For example, the external coaches forum in June included implementation refinements in bullying prevention and in our techniques for coaching tier three practices to fidelity.

We appreciate the opportunity to continue supporting your efforts in PBIS implementation. Please share your questions or feedback with us. We look forward to another successful year implementing multi-tiered behavioral supports for the benefit of all students.