PBIS Team Contact Information Update Form

If you don't need to update or add any contact information for your PBIS team(s) but would like to make sure that you receive all PBIS communications, please click here.

Don't know if you need to update us on your PBIS teams? Request a current PBIS Contact Information Report for your district and we'll send you the information we currently have for your schools!

External Coaches, please help the PBIS Network ensure we have accurate district and school contacts for your leadership and implementation teams... To do so, you can either:

1. Download and fill out the spreadsheet version of our form and email it to evalteam@pbisillinois.org. This is useful if you have a lot of updates. or,

2. Use the form on the page below. This is useful when you have just a few personnel changes.

Our Network strives to keep correct contact information in our database to provide your PBIS Teams with the most recent PBIS news, upcoming events, prompts to support your fidelity of implementation, and special reports. We also provide our Technical Assistance Coordinators with PBIS Team Members’ information, to ensure they can provide support to all who need guidance.

You can inform us of a new member of one of your PBIS teams (including coaches, team facilitators, staff team members, and family and community team members) as well as inform us of when a team member needs to be removed from our records. You may also use this form to update any contact information for your PBIS teams.

Some Possible Reasons to Use This Form to Update the Illinois PBIS Network on Your PBIS Teams:

  • Did someone have a change of name?

  • Did some email addresses for your team members change?

  • Did a team member move from one building to another building?

  • Do you want to specify what tier levels your PBIS team members are assisting at?

Remember to click "Submit" on the last page of the form!

Any questions or concerns about this form can be emailed to evalteam@pbisillinois.org for assistance.