A hallmark of PBIS is the utilization of an integrated evaluation process for making data-based decisions. The Illinois PBIS Evaluation processes serve to promote data-based decision-making for schools and districts at Tier 1 (Universal), Tier 2 (Secondary), and Tier 3 (Tertiary/Wraparound) levels of PBIS. In turn, this data influences training and technical assistance within the statewide network.

Become a PBIS Assessment Coordinator! All District Coaches have the ability to become a PBIS Assessment Coordinator. Assist your schools in opening & closing surveys, in addition to coaching them in data-based decision making and action planning.

*new 5/9/14* New features coming to SWIS on May 15th! Read here for further information about the SWIS 5.2 release that will include new features and old reporting favorites, like the Triangle Data Report, Data Integrity Report, and Year-End Report.

*updated 4/1/14* Create a Triangle Data Report! The SWIS Triangle Data Report displays the multi-tiered behavioral outcome data for your school. This reporting gives the breakdown of your ODRs at three levels: students receiving 0-1 ODRs, those receiving 2-5 ODRs, and anyone receiving 6 or more ODRs. Many schools like to offer this snapshot into ODR data at district meetings to give the basic breakdown of ODRs. If your school is applying for IL PBIS Recognition for 2013-14 at the Gold or Platinum Level, Triangle data is a required artifact for Outcome Data. SWIS 5 currently does not offer the “Triangle Data Report”, but you can follow the instructions to create the report using data exported via the Drill Down function in your school's SWIS account.(If your school does not use SWIS, comparable documentation is acceptable. For more information about Recognition, see the School Recognition page).

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