November 2012 PBIS Front Page News

Post date: Nov 09, 2012 6:21:13 PM

Upcoming Events

Winter Leadership Conference

Mark your calendar for the annual Illinois PBIS Network Winter Leadership Conference to be held in O’Fallon, IL, on January 23-24, 2013. Highlights include: Day 1 Plenary session featuring how school-wide Bullying Prevention improves school climate; and Day 2 Plenary session includes a panel sharing their experiences with the Tier 3 intervention of RENEW/Wraparound.

Exemplars from across the state will present a range of experiences from their Universal, Secondary, and Tertiary PBIS implementation during their sessions. Conference strands include: Classroom Management, High School, Sustainability, Skill Building, Coaching, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and School/Family/Community Partnerships, as well as Administrators’ Academies. Register now at

Bullying Prevention Team Training

Bullying Prevention (BP) Team Training is being held on November 29th, for districts interested in embedding BP curriculum within their system of PBIS. Districts participating commit to sending an External Coach and one school team, to develop an exemplar model of implementation, and with the External Coach’s support a plan to scale up the curriculum to the remaining schools in the district. To request participation in this event, and for more details go to

Applications for 2012-13 School Recognition of PBIS Implementation

Last year, over 740 schools applied for and were formally recognized for their implementation of PBIS! Applications for this year are not due until May 17, 2013, however the instructions, materials, and guidelines are all available now at Coaches should review these updated materials to action-plan accordingly. Changes to the recognition process include a new level, Implementing Plus, which captures the efforts of schools between the Implementing and Fully Implementing levels. Other enhancements include formalizing the expectation of family engagement, clarification of Tier 2/Tier3 requirements, and person-centered planning (Wraparound, RENEW, or Family Focus) as necessary components of Tier 3 supports.

PBIS Assessments and SWIS Updates

You can access PBIS tools including the Team Implementation Checklist (TIC), Self-Assessment Survey (SAS), and Benchmarks of Advanced Tiers (BAT), through your PBIS Assessment account at Need assistance? Contact your Illinois PBIS Network Technical Assistance Coordinator with account questions or about what tools to use.

Great ideas for SWIS Users! Update accounts at the beginning of the year and any time changes occur. Recommended updates include:

· Enrollment and School Days per Month-Include ethnicity breakdowns and the number of instructional days each calendar month. Change calendar days during the year if amendments need to be made due to snow days or other unforeseen events.

· Display Staff Status-Uncheck those staff who are no longer in a building and add those who are new.

· Data Integrity Report- Run this report quarterly to determine accuracy of data. This simple check will flag duplicate staff/students and referrals in need of revision.

Need assistance? Contact your SWIS Facilitator with account questions. To find SWIS facilitator information, just click on the “Continue” button at the bottom of your screen once you login at

Evaluation Tools

PBIS Evaluation Tools and Recommended Timeline

Reminder: The “FY13 Coaches PBIS Evaluation Tools and Recommended Timeline” document can be viewed on or downloaded from the Illinois PBIS Network website at:

Phases of Implementation v4.1- New and Enhanced!

Go to for PoI v4.1 for the tool, rubric, and to see what’s changed from the previous version. The new Phases of Implementation, PoI v4.1, helps provide clarity for items on family involvement and many items for Tier2/Tier3 implementation.

Entering PoIs into the Survey Monkey link ( by November 30th ensures that data for your entire district will be displayed on one report, and provides for better action planning at the building and district level.

Participate in your region’s November External Coaches Network Meeting (N200) for PoI v4.1 updates and coaching tips. Go to to download the November N200 meeting PowerPoints and materials.

Coaching Corner/Tips

In the October External Coaches’ Network Meetings we explored Data Analysis through Essential Questions. One of a team's most important functions is to make data driven decisions for improvement. Coaches provide support and feedback for a team to move through the data analysis process seamlessly and effectively by asking the right questions. Read more about coaching skills for team based problem‐solving using data at

Monthly Challenge

Encourage your schools to examine data and look for areas of focus to improve and celebrate outcomes with these ideas:

1. Compare yearly trend data in order to make preemptive decisions; identify problem locations, behaviors, or times; and revisit those strategies which have been previously successful.

2. Share progress data with all staff monthly by distributing facts in an e-mail, posting on the faculty lounge bulletin board, or any other location where staff members regularly look.

Classroom Management

During this month’s External Coaches Network Meeting, we will be reviewing five evidence-based practices for actively engaging students including: opportunities to respond, direct instruction, computer assisted instruction, class-wide peer tutoring, and guided notes.

The meeting PowerPoint and materials can be accessed on the Illinois PBIS Network website:

Contact your Illinois PBIS Network Technical Assistance Coordinator if you are interested in participating in the next EX 300: Coaching Classroom Management course in your region.

Tier 2 and Tier 3 Coaching Tips

Tier 2 and Tier 3 systems teams complete the Benchmarks for Advanced Tiers (BAT) between now and March. The BAT helps teams self-assess and action plan around their schools’ implementation status of Tier 2/Tier 3 behavior support systems. A copy of the BAT along with instructional materials is available online at

To learn more about district and building Tier 3 readiness, participate in a 90-minute distal learning opportunity to help you identify if your building and district are ready to move forward with training in Tier 3. For more details, and sign up information go to and click on one of the three, SPC100 Tier 3 Training Readiness Technical Assistance trainings on November 13th, or one on November 14th.

School Family Community Partnerships (SFCP) Network Meetings

Family/Community Team Member Network meetings have already been held this fall in the O'Fallon and Harvard School Districts. Schaumburg will host a Family/Community Network meeting on November 27th. Dates are currently being identified for these N300s in more sites throughout the state. External Coaches are encouraged to contact Patti Bardell at to make arrangements to host one of these important networking opportunities. To learn more about these events and how they work, External Coaches are welcome to join any scheduled meeting, and make sure to keep an eye out for the SFCP tab at, coming soon.

Administrator Tips

Encourage your administrator(s) to engage as many stakeholders in the PBIS process as possible. A few suggestions may include:

· Promote PBIS at a Back-to-School Night or Open House.

· Identify and contact community businesses/resources to get them involved in PBIS at your school(s).

· Make time at each staff meeting to discuss the continuum of supports available at all tiers within the PBIS framework.

Check back next month for more suggestions on how to engage your administrator(s) in your PBIS efforts.

Need to Know

The Illinois Response to Intervention Network (I-RtI) is hosting Network Meetings statewide. These meetings are designed to provide ongoing professional development and opportunities to network with other districts around implementing RtI at both the building and district levels. Network Meetings are limited to small groups in order to facilitate networking and sharing with colleagues. To find out about networking opportunities in your area go to


For information about your Illinois PBIS Network Technical Assistance Coordinator or Statewide Contacts click

If you have any questions you would like the Illinois PBIS Network to answer, please send your queries to

Illinois PBIS Network

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