Targeted Workgroup 15-16 Webinar Recordings
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  • ISF Overview
  • Roles of State/Regional/Local Facilitators 
  • Overview of tools 
  • How to select sites


  • ISF Workflow for districts and schools 
  • Assessing readiness and current level of implementation Initial steps for getting started 
  • An overview of integrating Restorative Practices into the SWPBIS frame, following the ISF model of expanded systems, data and practices. 


  • ISF Tool Chart – review of tools
  • ISF Implementation Inventory – initial overview


Examples of assessing current status
  • District Leadership 
  • PBIS Implementation level 


Validation Study overview 
  • Readiness Survey 
  • ISF Implementation Inventory 


  • Updates on sites, tools, validation study 
  • National Conference Themes – overview 


Four sites share experiences of engaging stakeholders to work differently and establishing a structure for integrated work 


Two sites share examples of creating a shared funding structure    


ISF Action Planning Companion Guide to the TFI 


Example of use of key messages of ISF and use of Action Planning Companion Guide