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Tier 3 Training Readiness

Preparation for Tier 3 Trainings

Webinar Dates for 
Advanced Tier Training Preparation: TBD

The results of the readiness process are used to help determine when districts and schools are ready to proceed to FBA/BIP, Wraparound, and RENEW training.  

Use tools below to self-assess and prepare for Tier 3 training and implementation readiness at the building and district levels. These tools will help district and building teams, along with their leaders, reflect on critical features necessary for strong, sustainable Tier 3 implementation: 

Steps for External Coaches:
  1. Coach downloads readiness checklist documents below, or views Google Form online.
  2. Have discussion with district leaders to complete district readiness checklist.
  3. District leadership facilitate completion of building readiness checklists with building leaders.
  4. Once checklists are completed, send the completed hardcopy documents to or submit online via Google Form below.
  5. Begin to identify and plan for district training needs.
Agenda and Materials
 Subject Content Activities and Tools
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 District Readiness 
 *updated* Choose one method for District: 
 Building Readiness 
 *updated* Choose one method for Building: 
 Tier 3 Facilitator Job Description  Tier 3 Facilitator Job Description
 Systems Response Tool (SRT)  Systems Response Tool (SRT)
 Tier 2/Tier 3 Tracking Tool  Tier 2/Tier 3 Tracking Tool
 Wraparound Integrity  Wraparound Integrity Tool (WIT)