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High School Tier 2

To access High School Secondary Series Training course materials: Click Here

High School Tier 2 Training Series Dates & Locations: TBD

High School Tier 2 Training Series Description

Description: This series will help schools to develop capacity for effective and efficient Secondary Level supports for students.   Schools will establish a Secondary Systems Planning Team, to assist in the creation of a seamless system of support from Tier 1/Universal to Tier 2/Secondary.  The secondary systems team will learn how to use universal data to target groups of students in need of Secondary levels of support.

Objectives of the Series:
  • Create a Tier 2/Secondary Intervention system, including team creation and team members’ roles and responsibilities
  • Design a process for effective communication and data sharing between Tier 1/Universal and Tier 2/Secondary
  • Use Tier 1/Universal and Tier 2/Secondary data and other referral sources to identify student in need of supports
  • Learn how to use data for decision-making and on-going progress-monitoring, knowing when to add more interventions, and how/when to exit students from interventions.
  • Learn about each of the interventions in the secondary series, install the interventions, and check for fidelity of the intervention
  • Understand how to apply the critical features of Tier 2/Secondary interventions
  • Action Plan: Teams will design their Tier 2/Secondary Systems