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FBA-BIP Training Series

Required Training Materials: Click Here
FBA-BIP Training Series Dates, Locations, & Registrations: TBD

FBA-BIP Training Series Description

Prerequisite: S200 Duration: 8 events total, including 2 days of in-person training and 6 webinars, in the following order:
  • 1 in-person day of FBA-BIP training, followed by 
  • 3 interactive training webinars, followed by 
  • 1 in-person day of FBA-BIP training, and
  • 3 follow-up Technical Assistance webinars
Requirement: Core Credit: CPDU, CEU

Description: To provide an introduction to the concepts and systems of functional assessment and behavior intervention planning to support individual students’ behavior. These sessions will focus on brief Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and Behavior
Intervention Planning (BIP); the processes, practices and tools. Objectives include:
  1. Identify when an FBA-BIP is necessary to support students 
  2. Identify the steps for conducting FBAs
  3. Learn how to use data to assist in determining function of behavior 
  4. Identify the systems necessary for conducting an FBA-BIP. Learn the critical components for effective BIPs and how to select function-based strategies
  5. Develop effective and efficient implementation and evaluation plans
  6. Action Plan: Write one behavioral pathway (setting events, antecedents, behavior, consequences)
Who Should Participate: Coaches and facilitators who have completed the Tier 3 District Readiness (by responding to our survey   and/or shows readiness based on the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) These series are designed for school-based teams including the personnel who will facilitate the interventions. School Teams should consist of:
  • District-based coach supporting Tier 3
  • Potential facilitators: counselors, social workers, school psychologists, behavior specialists, special education personnel, community partners 
  • Team members: administrator, special education teacher, general education teacher, community partners, family  representatives
All participants will register for the entire series, which includes on-site training days and several technical assistance webinars. The     
on-site training days are intended for all participants, while the webinars are specifically focused on building skills of coaches and facilitators.  Other team members are welcome to participate on the webinars as well.

Participants Should Bring to Training: 
  • A printed copy of the Participants Guide recommended for each team member. This will be utilized throughout each session. 
  • An electronic device to access other materials during the training. All materials for this series can be found on the FBA-BIP Materials page.
Materials that may be beneficial during your district planning and implementation of FBA-BIP:
  • Tier 2/Tier 3 Tracking Tool (completed for simple Tier 2/Secondary Level)
  • Tier /Universal & Tier 2/Secondary data for 1-3 students who seem to need more than simple Tier 2/Secondary interventions (specifically CICO Daily Progress Report card points)
  • Current district/building FBA/BIP forms/tools including those from current Tier 2/Secondary teams (observation forms, teacher referral forms, etc.) 
  • Recommended resource - Building Positive Behavior Support Systems in Schools: Functional Behavioral Assessment by Crone, Horner