Frequently Asked Questions:


When should I register for the conference?
Answer:We ask that you register as soon as possible. Early registration guarantees you will have conference materials and all amenities associated with the event. Plus, you will also benefit by paying a lower registration fee. If you register late or do not register at all but show up at the event, there is no guarantee you will be able to attend due to the physical space needed/available.

Question:May I register multiple people for an event at the same time?
Answer:You may register more than one registrant at a time. Begin by entering the first person's contact information. Please note that our system requires each person have their own unique email address. After you have completed the first person's registration (and are on the 2nd page) you will see an option to "Add Participant." Click this and repeat the process for all individuals you are registering. Each person you register, along with the billing email address that you enter, will receive a confirmation email indicating the location details for the training, time, etc. If you need assistance or encounter any difficulties with this process, you are welcome to contact our office at 630-861-1200 and we would be happy to assist.

Question:What if I do not have the complete contact information for all registrants while I am completing an online registration?
Answer:Please enter as much information as possible. For required fields, insert NA or in the case of a numeric field such as zip code or telephone number, enter zeros (0) to fill in the number requirement. After registration is completed, please contact the registrant to ask them to complete their registration information. The registrants may access the "view, modify" link provided in their confirmation email to update their information.

Question:Why does my confirmation email state my out-of-state registration may be pending approval?
Answer:Out-of-state registrations are subject to a pending approval process. This process allows our staff to review your request to attend the Illinois Conference.  Please allow 5-7 business days for your request to be reviewed. After the review has been completed, you will receive either 1) an email confirming your participation, or 2) an email indicating that you have not been approved to attend the conference.  If you have any questions about the approval process, you may contact the Illinois PBIS Network office at 630-861-1200.

Question:May someone replace me at the Conference if I have a scheduling conflict?
Answer:You may arrange a replacement at any time prior to the event. Click on the link in your confirmation email and it will take you to the page to enter your confirmation number. The next screen you see will be a summary of your registration. Go through the registration form replacing the current information with details for the person who is replacing the original registrant.

Question:What kind of payments do you accept? Who do I make the check/money order out to and where do I send payment?
Answer:We accept check/money order, purchase orders, and credit cards. If paying by credit card, you will enter the necessary information to process the payment during the last step of the registration process. NOTE: If paying by credit card the name appearing on your credit card billing statement will be "Illinois PBIS Network." All check/money order payments should be made payable to SASED-Illinois PBIS Network and mailed to:  Illinois PBIS Network, 550 Quail Ridge Drive, Westmont, IL 60559.  For purchase orders, please fax a copy to 630-325-2605. 

Cancellations received by January 13, 2014 will receive a full refund.  After January 13, 2014, cancellations will be refunded less a $75 deduction for non-refundable expenses incurred by the IL PBIS Network.  Please note that if you do not cancel and do not attend, you are still responsible for full payment. Substitutions may be made at any time prior to the event.

Question:When are Continuing Education Units (CEUs) provided? Is there a way to receive them more quickly?
Answer:CEU certificates are typically mailed within 30 days after the conference. If you would like to receive your CEU certificate at the end of the conference, you need to provide us with your license information when completing your online registration. During the registration process there will be a question that asks, "Do you need CEU credits?" When you reply by clicking on the "Yes" button another question will appear asking what type of CEU credits you are requesting and what is your license number. NOTE: If your type of credit is not listed, but your organization will accept CEU credits, you may leave this and the license number question blank. A generic certificate will be printed for you.

Question:When is the training evaluation email sent? What do I do if I have not received the evaluation email?
Answer:The training evaluation email is sent on the second day of the conference. There may be multiple reasons why you have not received the evaluation email. Before contacting the Illinois PBIS Network office, check the following: 1. Look in your spam or junk mail folder since some networks may have identified the domain as spam mail. If you locate the email(s) there, please move it by selecting 'not spam' or sending it over to your inbox. You may then complete the post event evaluation process and obtain your CPDUs.  NOTE: If you are unsure where your spam or junk mail folder is located, check with your Network Administrator or IT person.  2. If the post event evaluation email is NOT in your spam folder, it may be that the email address that we have in your account record is incorrect. Contact the Illinois PBIS Network office at training@pbisillinois.org and provide your name, email address, date of event and event name and we will check to be sure our information is correct and resend the evaluation email. Occasionally, an email we send 'bounces back' to us because either the server we are sending the email to rejects the email, or the recipient's email address is incorrect. If either is the case, we will let you know and help you resolve the issue.

Question:Are CPDUs available for all Illinois PBIS Network events?
Answer:CPDUs are available for nearly all events. The exceptions are events that are less than two hours in length and in-person or conference-call meetings. We only provide CPDU forms from the State of Illinois. If you are an out-of-state registrant, you are welcome to print the form if your state will recognize Illinois CPDU credits.

Question:CPDUs - How do I receive them?
Answer:You will receive a post event evaluation on the second day of the Conference. After you complete the series of questions and click the "OK" button, you will next see a "Thank You" page along with a link to the CPDU form(s). There will be a separate CPDU form for each day of the Conference. Click the link and download the form(s). If you do not see, or are not able to download the link, it may be blocked by your server.  Please contact the Illinois PBIS Network office at training@pbisillinois.org.  In your email, include the date, training, event location and a note telling us that you are not able to access the CPDU link - our staff will be happy to assist you.