Conference Strands

Please use the Strand Descriptions below as your guide in selecting 
sessions most beneficial for you.

Administrators Academy 1147:  School-wide Positive Behavior Support:  A Response to Intervention (RtI) Process
Administrators new to PBIS schools and administrators that are interested in PBIS implementation will find this strand especially informative.  Note:  Five sessions must be attended in order to receive Administrators' Academy credit.
Sessions:    and two other sessions of your choice.

Administrators Academy 1241:  Systems of Support:  Focusing on Secondary and Tertiary Tiers of Support
This course will provide an overview of the systems, structures, and commitments needed for effective implementation of Tier 2/Tier 3 of PBIS.  Note:  Five sessions must be attended in order to receive Administrators' Academy credit.
Sessions:  and two other sessions of your choice.

Capacity Building 
Need description. 

Classroom Management 
Classroom Management, student engagement, and understanding the function of behavior are necessary skills for classroom teachers. Administrators and classroom teachers will benefit from best practice ideas in this strand. 

Coaching is designed to boost coaching skills for team and district leaders. This strand is appropriate for PBIS team leaders (Internal Coaches), district leaders (External Coaches), and administrators leading PBIS teams. 

High School 
Sessions in this strand are designed for high school administrators and staff. Implementing high schools will share their processes and outcomes. 

School, Family, Community, Mental Health Partnerships 
Positive outcomes can be achieved when schools involve families in the PBIS process at all tiers of implementation. This strand will provide strategies on engaging and involving family and community members as partners on PBIS teams, and discuss how school-wide expectations can be successfully extended to the home and community. 

Shared Leadership 
Need to tweak description? District and building leadership teams will benefit from these sessions in the areas of school improvement, capacity-building, multiple initiatives, and PBIS as a Response to Intervention (RtI) Model. 

Tier 1/Universal Level 
Designed for team members from schools that are implementing Tier 1/Universal, these sessions will discuss behavioral expectations, acknowledgment systems, data, and family involvement. 

Tier 2/Secondary Level 
Schools that would like to understand and implement Tier 2/Secondary interventions should select sessions from this strand. Behavioral specialists, community service agency staff, and PBIS problem-solving teams at the Tier 2/Secondary and Tier 3/Tertiary levels will benefit from these sessions. 

Tier 3/Tertiary Level 
Sessions in this strand are appropriate for schools that are implementing Tier 1/Universal PBIS with integrity and are ready to develop and implement individual student interventions and supports.