June 5-6, 2012 External Coaches Forum

PPT for Day 1 and 2

Day One, June 5, 2012 Materials
Overview of Disproportionality

Disproportionality Checklist
Disproportionality: Next Steps for Improved Implementation

Overview of Bullying Prevention TOT Agenda; Plan for Breakouts
Bullying Prevention Breakouts:
          Breakout A: Beginning Implementers
          Breakout B: Advanced Implementers

Bullying Prevention, Return to Full Group:

Bullying Prevention: Staff Readiness

Bullying Prevention: Student Readiness

Bullying Prevention: Evaluation and Progress-Monitoring

Bullying Prevention: District-Wide Implementation

Bullying Prevention Wrap-Up

Day Two, June 6, 2012 Materials

Welcome and Vision: Performance-based Coaching for Tier 2/Tier 3
Readiness Checklist: Activity 1 - Readiness Checklist

Feedback and Support at Tier 3: Activity 2 - FBA/BIP Technical Assistance Process
Monitoring: Activity 3 - RENEW Integrity Tool
Modeling at Tier 3: Activity 4 - Wraparound Integrity Tool
Questions and Action Planning