Winter Leadership Conference - January 2013

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Expanding the Effectiveness of Mulit-tiered Systems of Support

Welcome:                      Conference and Illinois PBIS Network Updates                    

Plenary Day One:           Bullying Prevention 

Session 2:                     Effective Classroom Management:  Error Correction
Session 3:                     Coaching PBIS Teams:  Annual Planning for External Coaching
Session 4:                     Teaching School-Wide Expectations in High Schools
Session 5:                     The Team Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS) Model
Session 6:                     Integrating Initiatives at the District Level
Session 7:                     Universal Behavioral Screening Process
Session 8:                     Components of School-wide Acknowledgment Systems
                                     Exemplar Presentation

                                        Handout 1:  Internal Coach:  Year-at-a-Glance

Session 14:                   Benefits of School, Family, and Community Partnerships
Session 15:                   Restorative Practices and PBIS
Session 17:                   Using the School-wide PBIS Framework to Reduce the Effectiveness of Bullying Behavior

                                        Overview PowerPoint

                                        KJHS Exemplar PowerPoint
Session 18:                   Check-in Check-out (CICO) as a Tier 2 Intervention
Session 21:                   Academic Seminar as a Tier 2 Intervention in High Schools

                                        Handout 1:  List of Helpful Websites
                                        Handout 2:  Book Form for Literature
                                        Handout 3:  Book List
Session 26:                   Using Data for Action Planning and Progress Monitoring
Session 27:                   Building Systems of Support for Tier 2/Secondary and Tier 3/Tertiary

Plenary Day Two:           Supporting Students Using RENEW

                                        Handout 1:  Teaching Learning Example Template
Session 30:                   High School Tier 3/Tertiary Interventions:  RENEW
Session 33:                   Assessing and Impacting Disproportionality
Session 35:                   How PBIS Creates a Positive Culture
Session 36:                   SAIGs and Simple Secondary Interventions with Individualized Features

                                        Handout 1:  Academic Check-in Check-out Sheet
                                        Handout 2:  Lombard PBIS Staff Guidebook
Session 37:                   The Wraparound Process as a Tier 3/Tertiary Intervention

Session 42:                   Tier 2/Secondary Tier 3/Tertiary External Coaching

                                        Handout 1:  Tier 2 Interventions Staff Handbook
                                        Handout 2:  Glenwood Intermediate School Letter
                                        Handout 3:  Ball-Chatham Social Academic Instructional Groups  

Session 43:                   The Principal's Role in Leading a Strong PBIS School

                                        Handout 1:  Multi-tiered Action Plan
                                        Handout 2:  Cool Tool - Hallway Travel
                                        Handout 3:  Cool Tool - Bathroom Activities

Session 45:                   Skill Building for FBA/BIP
Session 46:                   Fluency with Data at Tier 3
Session 47:                   Family and Community Representative Orientation
Session 48:                   Family and Community Representative Review and Wrap-Up