Winter Leadership Conference - January 2012

January 18 - 19, 2012 Winter Leadership Conference

PBIS: Advancing Behavior Supports for All Students


Plenary Day One:

What's Happening in Illinois? Progress Update (L. Eber)

Statewide System of Support: SSOS (B. Hanselman)

Integrating Behavior and Academics into Response to Intervention (RtI)  (D. Kincaid)

Session  1: 


Session 2: 

Tips and Tweaks for Effective School-wide Strategies for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (N. Daymon) 

Session 3:   

Blending Academic and Behavior Response to Intervention (D. Kincaid)

Session 4:   

Overview of PBIS & Necessary District Commitments (K. Biggs) 

Session 5:   


 Session 6:       


Session 7:  

Session 8: 


Session 9:    

Administrators' Academy #1241:  PBIS Systems of Support:  Secondary and Tertiary Tiers of Support - Part I (L. Eber, M. Lambert)

Session 10:

Acknowledgment Strategies for the Classroom (A. Hoke, K. West, L. Stiegman) 

Session 11:

Coaching PBIS Teams: Annual Planning for External Coaches (Tier 1,2,3)  (A. Penicook, K. Sholtis) 

Session 12: 

Key Features of Early Childhood PBIS (M. White, K. Nelson)

Session 13:


Session 14: 

Components of School-wide Acknowledgment Systems (J. Johnson, L. Scholz, T. Bugh) 

Session 15: 

Developing and Teaching School-wide Behavioral Expectations (B. Weiner, D. Titus)

Session 16: 

Preparing for Universal Screening (A. Flammini, D. LaMaster)

Session 17:   

Administrators' Academy #1241:  PBIS Systems of Support:  Secondary and Tertiary Tiers of Support - Part II (S. Luecking, D. Sheary)

Session 18:  

Coaching PBIS Teams:  Annual Planning for Internal Coaches (T. Collins, P. MacFarland Smith)

Session 19:  

SWIS Overview (S. Romano, D. LaMaster)

Session 20:


Session 21:  

Integrating Mental Health at All Three Tiers (L. Eber, J. Johnson, L. Bressner)

Session 22:

Using the PBIS Framework to Prevent Bullying Behavior (B. Meyer, C. Lasley)

Session 23: 

Check-in Check-out (CICO) (R. Harris, M. Ritter, K. Major Ramsey) 

Session 24: 

Building Systems at the Tier 3/Tertiary Level (S. Luecking, M. Plocher)

Session 25: 

Complex FBA/BIP at the Tier 3/Tertiary Level (M. Capio) 

Session 26: 


Plenary Day Two:

Session 27: 
        Handout 1 - Activity 1
        Handout 2 - Activity 2
        Handout 3 - Activity 3
        Handout 4 - Activity 4
        Handout 5 - Colvin 1
        Handout 6 - Colvin 2
        Handout 7 - Colvin 3

Session 28:


Session 29:

Acknowledgment Systems in the High School (S. Van Aken, J. Junker, C. Velino, M. Kassing) 

Session 30:

Implementing PBIS at Home (M. White

Session 31:

Session 32:
Building Staff Commitment, Consistency, and Sustainability in the Universal Process (T. Collins, T. Young)

Session 33:

Session 34:     
Administrators' Academy #1241:  PBIS Systems of Support:  Secondary and Tertiary Tiers of Support - Part III (S. Luecking, A. Haar)

Session 35:

Active Student Engagement (S. Gasber) 

Session 36:

 Building and Sustaining Tier 1/Universal Teams (T. Harmon, C. Colman)

Session 37:  

Top Ten Ways to Use Academic and Behavioral Data in High Schools (J. Johnson, B. Gillian, C.Elliott) 

Session 38:   

Assessing and Impacting the Issue of Disproportionality (D. Maybell, A. Smith, F. Lamkey, C. Kilver)

Session 39:

Data-based Decision-making Beyond Big Five" Data" (S. Romano, P. Johnson)

Session 40:

Simple Secondary Interventions with Individualized Features (A. Hearn, D. Saul, A. Sharkey, K. Miller) 

Session 41:
High School Tier 3/Tertiary - RENEW (A. Flammini, L. Hanlon)
Session 42:
Administrators’ Academy #1147 – School-Wide Positive Behavior Support: A Response to Intervention (RTI) Process – Part II – Data-based Decision-making in PBIS School (J. Gardner, N. Riggin, K. Kincaid) 
**See Session 26 (above)

Session 43:

Strategies to Prevent & Respond to Inappropriate Behavior  (S. Gasber, N. Riggin)

Session 44:

Effective Coaching Strategies (R. Harris) 

Session 45:

Ten Critical Features of Tier 2/Secondary Interventions for High Schools (A. Flammini) 

Session 46:

Building School, Family, Community Partnerships - Part II (S. Ditch, S. Kueker

Session 47:

Involving Middle and High School Students as Leaders in the PBIS Implementation Process (S. Van Aken, M. Neathery)

Session 48:

         Handout 1 - Grade Report

Session 49:

The Wraparound Process as a Tier 3/Tertiary Intervention  (S. Luecking, E. Hense

Session 50:

Administrators’ Academy #1147 – School-Wide Positive Behavior Support:  A Response to Intervention (RTI) Process – Part III – The PBIS Team, Initial Implementation & Sustainability (J. Gardner)
**See Session 26 (above)