August 2012 Summer Leadership Conference

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Expanding the Effectiveness of Mulit-tiered Systems of Support

Welcome:                     Conference and Illinois PBIS  Network Updates                   


Session 2:                      High School Tier 3/Tertiary Interventions: RENEW
Session 3:                      Introduction to School Wide Information Systems (SWIS) and Check-n Check-out
Session 5:                      The Role of the School-based Clinician in PBIS: Data-Part I
                                            Handout 1:  The Role of School Psychologists in RtI
                                            Handout 2:  The Role of School Social Workers in RtI
Session 6:                      Developing and Teaching School-wide Expectations
Session 7:                      Social and Academic Instructional Groups
Session 8:                      Fluency with Data at Tier 3
Session 9:                      Evidence-based Practices in Classroom Management: Part I: Self-Assessment for Teachers & Coaches
                                            Handout 1:  Classroom Self-Assessment Revised July 2012
                                      **Includes PPT for sessions 51 and 61
Session 11:                    Blending Academic and Behavior Response to Intervention
Session 12:                    Coaches Tool of the Trade:  Using Teaching/Learning Examples
Session 15:                    Building School, Family, Community Partnerships - Part I
                                          Handout 1: Epsteins Parent Involvement Model & PBIS  
Session 16:                    District Leadership:  Planning for Sustainability
                                     Overview PPT on The science of implementation
                                     Exemplar PPT from Richland D88a
Session 17:                    Using Data for Action-Planning and Progress-Monitoring
Session 18:                    CICO with Individualized Features/Mentoring
Session 19:                    Building Systems at the Tier 3/Tertiary Level
Session 22:                    Visibility:  Communicating Success to Stakeholders
Session 24:                    Data-based Decision-making:  Part II:  Using Outcome Data to Support Evaluation - CANCELED
Session 25:                    Implementing Positive Behavior Support at Home
Session 26:                    Universal Behavior Screening
Session 28:                    Tier 2/Secondary Systems of Support
Session 29:                    The Wraparound Process as a Tier 3/Tertiary Intervention
Plenary Day Two:         Bringing PBIS to the Community
                                            Handout 1:  RtI PBIS Three-Year Plan
                                            Handout 2:  U-46 MAP
                                            Handout 3:  SWOT Form
Session 33:                    Lessons Learned from High Schools - Panel Discussion
                                         Handout 1:  List of Helpful Websites
                                         Handout 2:  Book List
                                         Handout 3:  A Rough Model of the Heroic Journey
                                         Handout 4:  Jim May Stories - Heros and Heroines
                                         Handout 5:  The Heroic Journey
                                         Handout 6:  Just Stories Festival Program
                                         Handout 7:  Just Stories - July 2012 Flyer
                                         Handout 8:  Additional Resources
                                         Handout 9:  Bibliography
Session 35:                    Benefits of School, Family, Community Partnerships - CANCELED
Session 36:                    Assessing and Impacting Disproportionality
                                         Handout 1:  Culturally Responsive SW - PBIS Team Self-Assessment
Session 38:                    Brief FBA/BIP at the Tier 3/Tertiary Level
                                            Handout 1:  FBA/BIP Template
                                            Handout 2:  Forced-Choice Reinforcement Menu
Session 39:                    Complex FBA/BIP at the Tier 3/Tertiary Level
Session 40:                    Overview of PBIS & Necessary District Commitments - Part I

Session 41:                    Building Tier 2/3 Leadership - Part III
Session 42:                    Coaching PBIS Teams:  Annual Planning for Internal Coaching
                                         Handout 1: Internal Coach Job Description
                                         Handout 2: Internal Coach Year-at-a-Glance
Session 43:                    Building School-wide Acknowledgement Systems
Session 44:                    The Team Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS) Model
                                         Handout 1:  Meeting Minute Form
                                         Handout 2:  TIPS Team Readiness Checklist
                                         Handout 3:  Meeting Minutes & Problem-Solving Action Plan Form
                                         Handout 4:  TIPS Universal Notes
Session 45:                    Building School, Family, Community Partnerships - Part II
Session 46:                    Building Administration - Principal's Role in PBIS Team
Session 47:                    Components of School-wide Acknowledgement Systems
Session 48:                    Check-in Check-out (CICO)
Session 49:                    Using the School-wide PBIS Framework to Reduce the Effectiveness of Bullying Behavior
                                     Implementing BP within PBIS Introduction
                                     Exemplar Slides on BP within PBIS
Session 50:                    Overview of PBIS & Necessary District Commitments - Part II
Session 51:                    Administrators' Academy #1147 - School-wide PBS: An RtI Process - Part II
                                     **See Session 10 (above)
Session 52:                    Coaching PBIS Teams:  Annual Planning for External Coaching
                                          Handout 1:  External Coach Job Description
                                          Handout 2:  External Coach Year-at-a-Glance
Session 53:                    Acknowledging Staff & Students at the High School Level
Session 57:                    Exploring Tier 2 Interventions & the Ten Critical Features
Session 58:                    Teaching School-wide Expectations in High Schools

                                            Handout 1:  Multi-Tiered Action Plan (MAP)
Session 60:                    Tier 2/Secondary Tier 3/Tertiary External Coaching
                                            Handout 1:  Alton RtI April Leadership Team Agenda
                                            Handout 2:  Alton PBIS Systems TA Agenda
                                            Handout 3:  Alton FY12 District Tracking Tool
Session 61:                   Administrators' Academy #1147 - School-wide PBS:  An RtI Process - Part III
                                    **See Session 10 (above)

Additional sessions:        Family and Community Representative Orientation
                                     Family and Community Representative Wrap-Up