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New Coaches TA

 Duration: 1 day (8:30am-3:30pm) Credit: N/A

Description: This event is designed as a technical assistance day for new building-based coaches who are assigned to buildings already implementing PBIS.  The day will feature a walk through of the core universal implementation features of behavior RTI systems, data and practices, as well as the coaches role and facilitating team meetings.  An overview of PBISApps and data tools will also be provided.

Agenda and Materials
 Subject Content Activites and Tools
 Introductions and Grounding 
 Overview of RtI/PBIS  
 Building Based Coach Job Functions
 Year at a Glance 
 PBIS Big Ideas (Data, Systems, Practice)  
 The Universal Team/Effective Meetings 
 Coaching Skills  
 PBIS Resources  
 Wrap Up