EX300 Training Description and Course Materials

Agenda and Materials
 Subject Content Activities and Tools

 Training Needs Assessment
  • Agenda
  • PPT
  • Critical Features & Evidence-based Practices of Effective Classroom Management
  • Classroom Management Self-Assessment

Professional Development Planning
  • Coaches Professional Development Planning
  • Progress Monitoring Graphs
  • Teacher's Classroom Management Action Plan
Developing Fluent Use of Practices
  • Train and Hope
  • Coaching with Performance Feedback
  • Explicit Training
Coaching and Teacher               Self-Monitoring Processes
  • Peer Coaching
  • Peer Coaching Process
  • Teacher Self-Monitoring
Using the Problem Solving Model
  • Problem Solving Process Format Examples
Evaluating Outcomes
  • Implementation Fidelity and Student Outcomes

EX300:  Coaching Classroom Management 

Prerequisite: EX100, EX200; Identified by District/Coop/ROE as professional development leader/trainer and coach of classroom management practices.Duration: 1 day (7 hours)
Requirement: ElectiveCredit: CPDU, CEU

Description: The purpose of this course is to prepare External Coaches, Administrators, and Teacher Leaders to assess training needs, plan professional development processes, and train and coach evidence based practices of effective classroom management. Objectives include:
  • Overview of Critical Features & Evidence-based Practices of Effective Classroom Management.
  • Guided practice with Self-Assessment of Classroom Management Practices.
  • Guided practice with utilizing assessment data for professional development planning.
  • Overview of classroom management training materials.
  • Review of coaching and teacher self-monitoring processes.
  • Discussion of coaching with performance feedback, application of problem solving model and evaluating outcomes.
Who Should Participate: External Coaches, Administrators, Teacher Leaders identified by Dist/Coop/ROE as trainers/coaches of classroom management practices.

Participants Should Bring: Understanding of District's professional development structure, process, and plan.