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FY13 Recognized Schools

Announcing 2012-13 Recognized Schools!

PBIS Partners and Collaborators, 

The Illinois PBIS Network is pleased to announce that 678 Illinois schools have earned recognition for their PBIS implementation during the 2012-13 school year.  Schools were recognized at six different levels. 

  • 88 schools began the process of schoolwide PBIS implementation and were recognized at the Start-Up level.
  • 329 schools earned the Emerging level for building the foundation for schoolwide PBIS implementation.
  • 228 schools were recognized at the Implementing level for maintaining the schoolwide PBIS foundation and building the foundation for Tier 2 interventions.
  • 18 schools achieved the Implementing Plus level for sustaining schoolwide PBIS implementation, maintaining Tier 2 interventions, and building the foundation for Tier 3 interventions.
  • 10 schools were recognized at the Fully Implementing level for sustaining schoolwide PBIS implementation, maintaining Tier 2 interventions, and building the full continuum of supports for Tier 2/Tier 3.
  • 5 schools achieved the highest level, Exemplarby demonstrating the “ideal model” of building, maintaining, and sustaining Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 schoolwide PBIS, while maintaining academic integrity. 

All recognized schools will receive a congratulatory letter from the Illinois PBIS Network, as well as a window decal award.  Schools recognized at the two highest levels, Fully Implementing and Exemplar, will also receive a congratulatory letter from Rob Horner and George Sugai, Co-Directors of the National PBIS Center, as special acknowledgement of their exceptional accomplishments. 

The complete list of recognized schools can be found below, as well as electronic images of the decals for download. For additional information about the recognition process, click on "2012-13 Recognition Process Overview," to the right. 

Congratulations to all of these recognized schools for their outstanding efforts implementing PBIS.  The hard work and dedication of their staff and team members is to be truly commended.  Please share this information with your buildings and districts, as well as family and community stakeholders.  Thank you for your commitment and support to ensuring effective practices and positive outcomes for all children!

2012-13 Recognized Schools List
Schools recognized as of 8/22/13. More schools will be added as the IL PBIS Network continues to review and process applications.

2012-13 Decal Awards

You can download one of the six electronic files of your decal award for print or web use.  Simply click on the link for the level that you want to download, and it will open a PDF file in another browser or tab. Save the PDF file to your local desktop. If you would like an image-file of the decal, please email the Illinois PBIS Network Communications Team at