Tier 3 Coaching Results in Successful Wraparound

posted Jun 14, 2013, 12:44 PM by Katelyn Lamb
A 6th grade student with mental health challenges benefited from a Tier 3 coaching process that helped school personnel effectively support him and his family.  Despite Tier 2 interventions, “Owen” was at risk of being placed in a more restrictive setting.  The wraparound process was initiated and a team and plan were developed to address his attendance, independent transitioning in the classroom, and completing work independently.  Owen experienced success, but, as typical of students with complex mental health issues, his performance fluctuated over time.  The district Tier 3 coach provided consistent support to the school wraparound team, ensuring that the team stayed focused and engaged.  The intensive coaching process resulted in frequent meetings and persistent use of data.  As a result, Owen’s risk of being placed in a more restrictive setting decreased after 10 months.