Teaching and Modeling Impact Student Behavior

posted Oct 24, 2012, 2:18 PM by Katelyn Lamb
Jack Hille Middle School in Forest Ridge SD 142 is successfully impacting office discipline referrals (ODRs) and school climate in their second year of PBIS implementation.  The school’s Tier 1 team has monthly meetings to review data, problem-solve, and plan their Tier 2/Tier 3 levels of support, with the focus of teaching and modeling expected behaviors.  Since putting their Tier 1 systems in place, Hille has experienced a 29% decrease in the average number of ODRs per 100 students per day, from 0.79 in Aug.-Mar. of 2010-11, to 0.56 in Aug.-Mar. of 2011-12.  The administration will continue working to reduce ODRs by increasing supervision in non-classroom settings, increasing administrator presence in classrooms, and generating more incentives for students to behave appropriately.

Jack Hille Middle School Average

ODRs per 100 Students per Day