Intensive TA Model Supports Districts

posted Jun 14, 2013, 12:42 PM by Katelyn Lamb
Building capacity for Tier 3 implementation requires complex coaching supports for district and school-based interventionists.  The Illinois PBIS Network continues to refine an intensive model of technical assistance (TA) for Complex FBA/BIP, wraparound, and the wraparound-based RENEW process.  Phase 1, Modeling, is the initial phase of support in which the coach models the desired skills and competencies.  Phase 2, Support and Feedback, is defined by closely monitored practice opportunities with immediate, corrective feedback from a coach.  Phase 3 involves Monitoring Fidelity to ensure effectiveness of Tier 3 interventions.  Distance learning, on-site supports, and coaches network meetings help build fluency for coaches who, in turn, apply the intensive TA model for supporting their school-based interventionists.  The Illinois PBIS Network’s June 4-5th External Coaches Forum will give coaches hands on experience reviewing and providing feedback on Tier 3 plans including FBA/BIP, wraparound, and RENEW.  Coaches will learn how to replicate this intensive coaching process for schools in their districts.