Illinois PBIS School Demonstrates Multi-Year Increase In Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) Scores

posted Mar 5, 2013, 7:41 AM by Katelyn Lamb
Beginning in 2010, Blackhawk Middle School, Bensenville SD 2, focused their PBIS efforts  on  reviewing  data  to  assess  schoolwide  goals,  scheduling  time  for  behavioral lesson  plans,  random  and  intermittent  student  reinforcers,  and  more  staff  support  in implementing Tier 2 interventions. The school has reached fidelity at Tier 1 as indicated by a Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ) score of 82% in the 2011-12 school year.

When  students  are  actively  engaged  in  learning,  academic  improvements  can  be expected. Over the last three years, the school’s ISAT Reading scores have shown a marked increase, from 70% of students meeting or exceeding state reading standards in 2008-09, to 85% in 2010-11.