Fidelity Assessment Guides Planning

posted Oct 24, 2012, 2:13 PM by Katelyn Lamb
After their second year of implementing Tier 2, Gavin South Junior High School, in Gavin SD 37, began assessing their Tier 2 fidelity using the BAT.  The Tier 2 team discussed each item on the BAT and came to a consensus rating.  The team then developed action strategies for the items on the BAT that received a score of one or zero.  The action plan includes the following strategies:
  • Ensuring communication systems between the Tier 2 team, school staff, and families are effective and consistent.
  • Having documented decision rules for monitoring, modifying, and ending an intervention.
  • Applying the data decision rules consistently.
  • Assessing fidelity of the Tier 2 strategy annually.
The team will implement their action strategies this spring and next fall, while continuing to improve Tier 2 fidelity and build their Tier 3 systems.