Exponential Growth in Tier 3 Training

posted Mar 25, 2014, 2:07 PM by Michelle Grimms

The demand for Tier 3 training continues to grow as 338 participants from 81 Local Education Agencies (LEAs) participated in one of 25 different Tier 3 events during the first semester of this school year. Participants included coaches, teachers, administrators, social workers, school psychologists, and other school-based clinicians.  This is noticeable growth, with 31 more LEAs (a 60% increase) and 87 more people participating in Tier 3 trainings than all of last year combined.  This accelerated interest in Tier 3 trainings is indicative of the forward investment many schools have made in their universal foundations and readiness to scale up the core curriculum of behavior to meet the higher level needs of some students.