District Blends Academic and Behavioral Efforts to Achieve Goals

posted Oct 24, 2012, 1:37 PM by Katelyn Lamb
Five schools in Clinton CUSD 15 have been implementing PBIS since 2009. To better address and support multiple school improvement initiatives, Clinton formed a district leadership team (DLT) at the beginning of the 2010-11 school year. This team includes the superintendent, school principals, family and community representatives, teachers, and other district stakeholders. Their mission statement is to “identify, coordinate, activate, reflect on, and maintain plans to provide quality education to the residents of Clinton CUSD 15.”
As a result of this blended leadership approach, the district focus is now on an integrated behavioral/academic RtI, and Common Core State Standards to drive all school improvement initiatives. Additionally, the DLT began using the National PBIS action planning format to determine next steps for their integrated approach. Clinton now develops district-wide implementation policies and all district schools are now “speaking the same language” as a result of using a blended district leadership team process.