District-wide Effort Reduces Bullying Behavior Across Middle Schools

posted Oct 24, 2012, 2:31 PM by Katelyn Lamb
Wauconda SD 118 is using its PBIS framework to address bullying prevention (BP) with promising results.  After beginning PBIS in the 2010-11 school year, the systematic review of discipline data indicated a high number of bullying related (fighting, physical aggression, harassment/bullying) office discipline referrals (ODRs).  District leaders and principals participated in the Network’s BP Forum in May 2011 and developed a plan  including staff orientation, curriculum, and evaluation.  During staff orientation, district leaders emphasized the importance of teaching the skill of showing respect, rather than focusing on anti-bullying messages.
BP implementation started in January 2012 at Matthews and Wauconda Middle Schools, with early positive results.    Comparing Jan.-Mar. 2011 to the same time period in 2012, ODRs for bullying related behaviors decreased by 73% at Matthews and by 22% at Wauconda.  Matthews in particular has seen a reduction in ODRs per 100 students per day for bullying related behaviors, from 0.25 in Sep. 2011 to 0.07 in Mar. 2012.  The district is continuing with its BP plan by expanding to elementary schools next year.