Community-wide PBIS Implementation

posted Feb 3, 2011, 8:48 AM by Cheryle Kennelly
Forest Park Community Joins Forces

In an effort to create a consistent community-level message on PBIS implementation, Forest Park SD 91, the Forest Park Library, and Park District have adopted the same set of behavioral expectations: Be Respectful, Be Safe, and Be Responsible. The continuous teaching and re-teaching of behavioral expectations community-wide is a key component of their efforts to date. The Forest Park community-wide PBIS implementation has already impacted multiple sites, and is scheduled to be implemented by additional agencies this year. The graph below shows the decreases in behavior incidents experienced by the Park District, Library, and Field Stevenson Elementary School, for August through November of 2009 compared to 2010.

Reductions in Behavior Incidents in Forest Park Community Sites

Positive Recognition Increases in Park District

By integrating PBIS into their existing before and after school care programs, the Park District in Forest Park has been able to effect a 50% decrease in instances of problem behavior. Instructing the behavioral expectations and using the reward system for appropriate behavior, has given youth a clear, consistent message on how they are expected to conduct themselves, not just in the Park District, but in the community as well.  

Library Benefits from Positive Cues

Since beginning PBIS implementation, the Forest Park Library has experienced a 60% drop in behavioral incidents. The staff uses positive language and role playing to teach clear and specific expected behaviors. A reward system for encouraging youth to demonstrate positive behavior has been established. Positive correction is used when youth display undesired behaviors.

Improved School Climate at Field Stevenson Elementary

Field Stevenson Elementary School has begun their second year of PBIS implementation and has recorded a 54% decrease in office discipline referrals (ODRs). From August to November of 2009-10, there were 61 ODRs, and for the same period in 2010-11 there were only 28 ODRs. The school PBIS team attributes these improvements to the staff having a greater understanding of the importance of teaching and re-teaching expectations.

For further information on Forest Park's community-wide implementation through 2012, click here. Or view the video of the Forest Park Community Leaders presenting on their progress at the 2012 Summer Leadership Conference.