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Wikis and Demonstrations

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About Illinois PBIS Wiki Pages:

The Illinois PBIS Network partners with schools, districts, and leaders throughout the state on numerous initiatives to improve PBIS implementation and outcomes. Wiki's listed below are webpages for these participants to share, collaborate, and learn together.  

Instructions for accessing Wikis:

Some of the wiki pages are locked with a user name and password. If you are a member of one of those initiatives, but unable to access the wiki, please contact the group's coordinator. Once invited to the wiki, you will need to sign-up with an email and password. You can use your google, yahoo, or other email addresses.  For additional help, view this instruction page on how to sign in to a private wiki page. 

Instructions for Administering Wikis:

Each wiki will have a coordinator in charge of the page and membership.  Tips for administering wiki pages, and wiki membership on the Illinois PBIS Website can be found here.
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