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Training and Technical Assistance Support Plan for PBIS External Coaches

Background/Rationale: External PBIS Coaches are a support system to individual schools and provide technical assistance in district or regional planning, networking, communication, data collection, data interpretation, and implementation integrity.

  1. Qualifications:  A PBIS External Coach needs competency with academic and behavioral data-based decision-making, problem-solving team facilitation, function-based behavior interventions, and supporting problem-solving teams.
  2. Time Commitment:  Implementation experiences across the country indicate that it takes about 20% (or .2 FTE) of an External PBIS Coach’s time to provide support and technical assistance to five implementing schools.
  3. Support:  The Illinois PBIS Network Technical Assistance staff actively supports External PBIS Coaches through a variety of methods:
    1. Mentoring and coaching for skill set development
    2. Network meetings organized regionally to provide updates, boosters, and additional training
    3. On-going communication through phone conferences, email, and web-page networking
    4. District Leadership Team formation, organization, and sustainability planning
  1. Training:  The Illinois PBIS Network offers Core and elective training courses for External PBIS Coaches.

 Core Trainings

    • Internal Coach Skills (C100s, C200s)
    • External Coach Skills (EX100s, EX200s)
    • Attend Team training with implementation teams for all tiers that they coach.  This could include one or more of the following training sequences: Tier 1/Universal, Tier 2/Secondary, and Tier 3/Tertiary
    • External Coaches Network Meetings (N200)

Elective and Highly Recommended

  • On line trainings on data tools (C201e-C206.2e)
  • Conferences:
    • PBIS Summer Leadership Conference
    • PBIS Winter Leadership Conference
    • National Implementer’s Forum
  • District Summit (AS400e)
  • External Coaches Forum (AS600e)


All course descriptions, regional training schedules, and registration information can be found under the Training Tab.


  1. Costs:  The Illinois PBIS Network charges a per person registration fee for trainings to cover materials, facility rental, food, etc.  Trainer costs are covered by the Illinois PBIS Network, thus keeping registration costs to a minimum.
  2. Additional informational documents available on the Coaches Page:
  • PBIS External Coach Job Description
  • External Coaches Year-At-A-Glance