T200: Individualized Student Support via Complex FBA/BIP & Wraparound for Students with Tertiary Level Needs

Prerequisite: S100/T100Duration: 1 day (7 hours)
Requirement: CoreCredit: CPDU, CEU

Description: This training session will take participants through the advanced application of individual student behavior support planning from Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and Behavior Intervention Planning (BIP) to wraparound. The primary goal will be to assist teams in developing more effective tertiary-level FBA/BIPs and a system for deciding when a more comprehensive team process (wraparound) is needed.  Emphasis will be given to the continuum of support from Tier 1/Universal through Tier 3/Tertiary Systems highlighting data-based decision-making tools and behavioral interventions for individual students. Objectives include:
  1. Interpret data to determine which students are in need of Complex FBAs and Behavior Intervention Plans BIPs 
  2. Learn how to use data for decision making and on-going progress monitoring. 
  3. Conduct a Complex FBA and resulting BIP for at least one student. 
  4. Understand the need for comprehensive plans for student/family/teacher needs across home, school and community utilizing the wraparound process. 
  5. Action Plan: Teams will create a system for determining when to initiate a Complex FBA/BIP, the steps necessary to complete such a plan and the decision-rules for knowing when wraparound is needed.
Who Should Participate: Administrators, special education personnel, social workers, counselors, school psychologists, behavior specialists, wraparound facilitators, FBA/BIP lead facilitators, general education teacher representation and other staff participating in the Tier 2/Secondary and Tier 3/Tertiary Systems Planning Teams, LAN Members and Community Partners (including family members of student with Tier 3/Tertiary level needs.

Participants Should Bring: 
  • Current district/building FBA/BIP forms/tools including those from current Tier 2/Secondary team/s (observation forms, teacher referral forms, etc.) 
  • Plans/policies for Tier 2/Secondary and Tier 3/Tertiary level supports  
  • 1-3 attempted FBA/BIPs that need  further developing & related progress-monitoring data (behavior & academic data) 
  • Recommended resource - Building Positive Behavior Support Systems in Schools: Functional Behavioral Assessment by Crone, Horner

Agenda and Materials

 Content Activities and Tools
 3-Tiered Continuum of Support & the Complex FBA/BIP Teaming Process
 Overview of FBA/BIP Process (Brief to Complex) with Example of Layering
 Tier 3 FBA/BIP Tools for Data-based Decision Making
 Tier 3 FBA/BIP versus Wraparound
 Action Planning: Using the Tier 2/Tier 3 Guiding Questions
 Report Out on Progress & Next Steps
 Questions, Concerns, Technical Assistance