C206.2:  Overview and Readiness Requirements of SWIS 5.0

Prerequisite: Tier 1/Universal Implementation and a SWIS Facilitator. Review the following Overview of SWIS at www.swis.org.Duration: 1-hour webinar
Requirement: ElectiveCredit: None
Who Should Participate: Building Administrators, External and Internal CoachesTraining Materials: click here

Description: The School-Wide Information System (SWIS) is a web-based software system for collecting and summarizing office discipline referrals in schools. SWIS was developed by University of Oregon faculty in collaboration with elementary, middle (junior high) and high school personnel. The purpose of SWIS is to provide schools with accurate, efficient, practical information for decision-making about school-wide discipline.

SWIS as developed to be an efficient, reliable and confidential strategy for managing office-discipline referral information. SWIS can be used for:
a. Internal decision making as schools improve their discipline practices
b. Support plan design with individual students and their families
c. Reporting to district, state and federal agencies about school outcomes
d. As a method of collecting aggregated data across schools

This session will review the SWIS readiness process using a checklist and walk schools through the application procedures. The call moderator will review three SWIS documents; the Readiness Checklist, a License Agreement and a School Information Form.
Objectives include:
1.  Review SWIS Readiness Checklist
2.  Determine SWIS Readiness and procedural timeline
3.  Complete SWIS License Agreement and School Information Form
4.  Process SWIS application (Mail #2 & #3 to your SWIS Facilitator/PBIS TAC

Participants Should Bring: SWIS Readiness Checklist, SWIS License Agreement, SWIS School Information Form

Agenda and Materials

 Content Activities and Tools
   2012 SWIS Manual