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FBA/BIP Agenda and Materials

This two day training was an introduction to the concepts and systems necessary to utilize Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Intervention Planning (FBA-BIP) to support individual student needs. These sessions focused specifically on the processes and tools needed to assist coaches, facilitators and problem-solving teams in the planning and implementing of brief FBA-BIP.



Activities and Tools

Day 1:
Where does the FBA/BIP fit in the triangle? What is the
Competing Behavior Pathway and why do we use it?
  1. Identify when an FBA is necessary 
  2. Identify the essential systems needed for an effective FBA process
  3. Identify the steps for conducting an effective FBA, including data to determine maintaining function of behavior

Day 2: What is a Behavior Intervention Plan, who creates it, and how?

  1. Learn the critical components of function-based BIPs
  2. Develop evaluation plans that are efficient and effective


 TA Follow- Webinar

        FBA/BIP facilitators from the 2-day in-person training joined on for a            webinar where we reviewed the content from the first 2 days in person         and also reviewed 2 plans that had been submitted from school-based         teams.  Click on the link in the box to the right to listen to this webinar.


Tools that are used to complete the FBA/BIP process with fidelity.