Webinar Recordings

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 New Coaches Training

Training for individuals new to the coaching functions of supporting PBIS implementation.  

January 2015 Webinar
 New Coaches Follow-up Webinar

           Follow-up information for District and School-Based Coaches

February 2015 Webinar

March 2015 Webinar

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 Culturally Responsive School-wide PBIS (CR-SWPBIS): Preparing for the Upcoming School  

How to use the revised Culturally Responsive School-wide PBIS (CR-SWPBIS) tool to identify priority areas for action-planning and professional development

June 2015 Webinar

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 CICO Basics: Overview & Exemplars for High Schools
  Ali Hearn, Midwest PBIS Network 

An overview of CICO including the “how to” of practices, systems requirements, and an example of application in high school. 

  School-wide PBIS & Braiding Initiatives
  Stephanie Martinez, Florida PBIS

An overview and examples of aligning initiatives successfully within the SWPBIS framework and maximizing current systems. 

 December 2014 Webinar

  Supporting Freshman
  Patti Hershfeldt, Maryland PBIS, & Mimi McGrath Kato, University of Oregon

Research based strategies and systems for providing developmentally appropriate to your most vulnerable grade level.  

 January 2015 Webinar

  PBIS in the Classroom: Differentiated Classrooms for High Schools
  Jessica Swain-Bradway, Midwest PBIS Network

Environmental and instructional strategies for boosting self-management and engagement. 

 January 2015 Webinar

 Tier 1 Implementation for High Schools: Strategies for Success
 Jessica Swain-Bradway, Midwest PBIS Network

An overview of Tier 1 including common obstacles to success and how high schools around the country have strategized to overcome those obstacles.

 February 2015 Webinar

 Tier 2 in High School: Overview & Setting Up for Success
 Jessica Swain-Bradway, Midwest PBIS Network

Essential features of any Tier 2 intervention, interventions specific guidelines, and examples of problem solving common obstacles.
February 2015 Webinar

 Preparing Students for Graduation & Post-High School Success: Linking PBIS with College & Career
 Readiness (CCR)

 Jennifer Freeman & Allison Lombardi, Center for Behavioral Education & Research (CBER)

Information on integrating CCR behaviors into school-wide expectations/rules and universal screening of non-academic factors.    

February 2015 Webinar

 Progress Monitoring Students at All Tiers of Support
 Jessica Swain-Bradway & Ali Hearn, Midwest PBIS Network

School-wide guidelines and daily strategies for progress monitoring within the high school setting. 


 Tier 3:Organizing for Success
 Jessica Swain-Bradway, Midwest PBIS Network

Effective Tier 3 interventions require systems alignment, expanded school teams, and a “stay at the table” mentality. Join this webinar for guidelines in building and “boosting” Tier 3 within your high school. 

April 2015 Webinar

Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF)

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Exploring the ISF for Integrating SOC & Education 
Lucille Eber, Midwest PBIS Network, Susan Barrett, Sheppard Pratt Health Systems, & Kelly Perales, Community Care Behavioral Health
An introduction to the Interconnected System Framework (ISF) for efficiently integrating mental health/SOC in schools featuring lessons learned from Pennsylvania’s implementation experiences.

Installing ISF-Local Experiences Integrating SOC & Education
Susan Barrett, Sheppard Pratt Health Systems

A review of the core components of the ISF and experiences from SOC/Education efforts in New Hampshire including strategies for work force development, focus for ISF focused leadership teams, and ensuring use of data and evidence-based practices.

April 2015 Webinar

Installing ISF: The Role of School & Community-based Clinicians
Lucille Eber, Midwest PBIS Network; Susan Barrett, Mid-Atlantic PBIS Network; Mark Weist, University of South Carolina; Ali Hearn & Sheri Luecking, Midwest PBIS Network; Sharon Stephan &  Nancy Lever, University of Maryland

An overview of the changing-role of clinicians within multi-tiered systems of behavioral health in schools.   


Restorative Practices

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 Integrating Restorative Practices & SW PBIS Webinar 
A dialogue about integrating Restorative Practices into Multi-tiered Systems of Supports and in schools.

Restorative Practices in SWPBIS, a Community of Practice
          A continued dialogue about integrating Restorative Practices into Multi-tiered Systems of
          Supports and in schools.

May 2015 Webinar